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About Me

I do not pursue happiness because happiness is not a goal. I pursue a positive and healthy lifestyle and happiness is a byproduct of that lifestyle.


Hi, I'm Laura

- Integrative nutrition health coach, wellness junkie, functional food advocate, explorer and lover of all things nourishing like massages, sunshine, home-cooked meals and morning coffee. I was raised in Michigan, but have lived in California the longest so I feel like a west side girl at heart, but with some strong midwest roots. 

Through my own health journey, I write about ways to stay nourished beyond food, and how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Ultimately, I want to help and support others find their path to health and nourishment. 



I was accepted into Remote Year in 2016. Remote year brings together a group of people who travel, live and work in different cities around the world for one year. Moving to a new country every month gave me the opportunity and challenge to stay nourished while on the road, which is not always easy. The nourished-travel blog developed during this time to share different cities with others and how to stay nourished in them.