I focus on nourished travel & wellness in mind, body and soul...with a side of adult beverages.

Oh, hello....I was raised in Michigan but have lived in California the longest so I feel like a west side girl
at heart but with some strong midwest roots. In 2016, I traveled with Remote Year moving to a new country every month for one year with 70 other digital nomad professionals. I work remotely in private aviation (need a jet? I'm your girl), but my heart has always been in wellness, nourishment and obtaining a healthy balanced lifestyle where I feel my strongest. Why? Because despite all my healthy habits (yay, 8 hours of sleep!) I have had some not so cute ones (cough, cigarettes). As a young adult I pulled myself out of sedentary slump and I have since then educated myself on what it means to lead a "healthy" and "balanced" lifestyle amidst many unbalanced items in our environment. 
It's not the same for everyone but there are some key basics that can rock your world in a great way. My real passion is focusing on nourishment of the mind, body and soul while traveling and not forgo these vital aspects of life as they will make your travels that much more enriching. 

I'm not perfect. I love and appreciate my hand-crafted cocktails, wine and Jack-in-the-Box on occasion because that is a part of my balanced and healthy lifestyle. I don't strive for perfection. I strive for balance
in my imperfections making my lifestyle feel almost "perfect."  Still with me? Good. 

I write about my quest for a healthy and balanced lifestyle in mind and body while on the road and ultimately want to help others find theirs. Through my travels, I have joined gyms, hiked, taken unique
fitness classes, volunteered, meditated, enjoyed amazing street food and restaurants offering quality and nourishing foods, as well as finding the best handcrafted cocktails in each city. I do not pursue happiness because happiness is not a goal. I pursue a positive lifestyle and happiness is a byproduct of that lifestyle.