Staying nourished with fruit smoothie bowls in Chiang Mai!

December is not the easiest month to stay focused on a healthy and balanced lifestyle at home or abroad.  Luckily, Chiang Mai Thailand makes it fairly easy to travel internationally and still nourish the body and mind with some solid powerhouse food, cafes and restaurants.  One of the first items I have consistently seen on the menus in most cafe's are fruit smoothie bowls.  Think your standard healthy smoothie but so much prettier.  

What makes these smoothies different? Most cafes in Chiang Mai offer a variety of fruit smoothies served in a bowl but topped with fresh fruit and edible flowers.  One of my favorites at Rustic and Blue is the Acai Bowl made of soy yogurt mixed with acai berries, ice and topped with some gorgeous pomegranates, bananas, chia seeds, apples and edible flowers.  I'm not one for "soy" due to contributing towards hormonal imbalance but many countries do not yet offer some alternatives such as coconut or almond yogurt and in balance, soy still offers some benefits.  

Thailand in general offers some of the best food worldwide in my opinion. Sadly for me due to a history of kidney stones, I need to avoid spicy foods which Thailand does SO well. Luckily, for me there is a plentiful amount of cafes offering the likes of avocado toast, salads, sushi, kombucha, fruit bowls, vegan burgers, etc.  Speaking of Vegan burgers, I highly recommend anyone visiting Chiang Mai to order the Vegan burger at Rustic and Blue.  I know, I was there a lot.  But besides great food, they had good wifi and I like both of those things. 

My Chiang Mai healthy Favorites!

Rustic and Blue (Food and wifi) 
Food 4 Thought (Food, no bueno and cold pressed coconut coffee make up for it) 
Healthy B Cafe (Food and wifi) 
Larder Cafe (Food and wifi) 
AI Sushi (Amazing quality sushi and small but great selection of sake)