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How to Maximize a Weekend in Lima, Peru

Peru is hands down one of my favorite countries in South America. It's a great country for nourishing  fresh food options and staying active while on the road. Lima, its capital, sits on the Pacific coast and is one of South America’s largest cities. The first time I was in Lima, I was only there for three days and had not had time to properly prepare for the trip. Although I’m a fan of “on the fly” planning for some things, other activities require a bit of preparation... 

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Nourish yourself by challenging yourself in La Paz, Bolivia

Why would La Paz, Bolivia of all places be one of my favorite travel destinations? Because it was a beautifully tough place to live for a month, offering some once-in-a-lifetime adventure tourism and no better way to nourish yourself than to challenge yourself. I highly recommend taking a break from sunny beach vibe destinations and taking a chance and challenging yourself in this uniquely bizarre and ridiculously beautiful country that you will never forget. 

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