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5 Superfoods You Should be Using In Your Smoothies

Experimenting with different superfoods can really boost the nutritional value of your smoothies and lifestyle. I recently hung a shelf in my kitchen displaying all of my go-to smoothie superfoods. It felt so great to use my never used label maker and get in a mode of organizing. Besides getting my superfoods organized in an aesthetically pleasing way, I use

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Why I Began Eating Red Meat AFTER Becoming Certified in Plant Based Nutrition...

For the last 15 years I have avoided most meats but mainly red meat and dabbled as a vegan for several months. When I did consume a meal with meat, I chose chicken or seafood making me mostly a “flexitarian” - a plant based diet with the occasional meat based item. I do not remember my exact reasons for a meatless lifestyle, but I think it was a combination of growing up on a strict midwest diet of meat and potatoes...

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