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Inflammation Part 1 - Foods That Reduce Chronic Inflammation

We all know what pain feels like i.e., a sharp pain from a stomach cramp, a stinging pain from a bug bite or a throbbing pain from pulling a muscle. Pain can often lead to inflammation, but what exactly is inflammation?

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to protect itself from injury, infection or a foreign substance it deems dangerous. We all know what pain feels like, but what exactly is inflammation?

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How to Make Healthy Eating a Habit in 8 Simple Steps

Not everyone believes in the importance of nutrition and the connection between what you put in your mouth and how you feel. If they did, 1 out of 2 adults would not have a chronic health problem. On the other hand, many people do recognize the connection between nutrition and how you feel, but they do not know where to begin or how to break a non-nourishing eating cycle.

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