Fresh Spring rolls with a twist...a major twist


When I was in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam I developed an addiction to fresh spring rolls. Truly, I needed rehab and had about five per-day for one month straight. But then I realized fresh spring rolls are crazy nourishing, low in calories, high in veggies which I'm always trying to sneak in, and I vowed to learn how to make them once back in the states.  So I did.  At first, I made traditional spring rolls but then 2 glasses of wine in and the fact my parents had 15-different left over dishes in their fridge, I decided to get creative. 

By creative, I mean I threw in grilled chicken with pineapple, quinoa, broccoli and chicken, sloppy joes (weird right? But good) and created these precious little wrapped packages of mostly nourishing "spring" rolls.  They are fun to make, crazy easy, fast and it was fun to see how I could help my parents get rid of their left-overs without wasting food.  

With the said, here is my basic recipe for "Spring rolls with a twist" as well as my video on how to work those rice papers. 

1 cup cooked Quinoa
1 bag Broccoli slaw (You can buy this packaged at most grocery stores and is raw shredded broccoli stems) or purple cabbage
I bag Butter lettuce
Fresh Basil
Fresh Mint (chopped) 
2 Cups Alfalfa Sprouts
1 bag Rice papers (My grocery store only had wheat but I recommend traditional white rice papers as it's easier for the body to absorb and digest) 
Dip: Peanut sauce for traditional spring rolls, or whatever your creative dish fancy's. I used Annies "Goddess Dressing" because I'm obsessed with it but the dips are endless depending on what compliments your unique roll. 

Lay your ingredients out all pretty on a countertop or table.  Have two separate large plates ready for preparing the spring roll and then laying them out to dry once done.

Rice Papers:
Heat 1 large bowl of water (do not boil) in the microwave or stovetop. You only need semi-hot water to soften rice papers, not boiling, You should be able to easily rest your hands in it without cursing. I used a pie baking dish to pour the warm water in as it fit the rice papers perfectly but any large bowl would do. 

Carefully lay a rice paper in the warm water for 10-11 Mississippi seconds and gently wrap the rolls snuggly (watch the video for the tutorial). 

Dip in your dip of choosing and what compliments your signature dish. Peanut sauce, soy sauce, spicy mayo, honey dijon, etc.