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Hi there, I'm Laura.

I'm a functional nutrition and holistic health coach. I help others make empowered food and lifestyle choices in order to increase longevity and take control of their heath and wellbeing. Where ever you are on your journey, my passion runs deep to help others find purpose and gain the ultimate wealth through health. I nourish myself through travel & wellness, I'm certified in plant-base nutrition as well as integrative nutrition and I'm an advocate for clean beauty, self-care and and a holistic lifestyle for healing all things external and within. 

“Thanks to working with Laura on the Whole 30 program, I’ve been able to maintain the healthy lifestyle of cooking more meals at home and eating real unprocessed foods. I am grateful for her introduction and guidance to a program that really helped implement a lifestyle change for me and my family.”
— Jessica


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“Thanks to Laura I’ve learned to maintain a diet of eating whole unprocessed foods that has enabled me to physically feel and perform my best at CrossFit, and have the energy to keep up with my busy lifestyle. I’ve learned that what I put into my body has such a huge impact on how I feel, and hope others can gain from this invaluable insight as well after working with Laura.”
— Ryan