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Wherever you are on your health journey, you can take control of your health, and achieve your health and wellness goals. I’m a Board Certified Integrative Health Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach specializing in helping men and women create an obtainable action plan to reach their health and wellness goals, while addressing the root cause of body imbalances naturally. This is done by removing toxicities and replacing deficiencies for optimal health.

I provide a integrative approach to worldwide private one-on-one coaching via video sessions and include at home functional medicine lab-testing and protocols to rebalance the body naturally. The result is more energy, weight loss, balanced hormones, confidence, improved digestive health and skin, better sleep and an overall stronger sense of well-being.

“Thanks to working with Laura on an elimination diet program, I’ve been able to maintain the healthy lifestyle of cooking more meals at home and eating real unprocessed foods. I am grateful for her introduction and guidance to a program that really helped implement a lifestyle change for me and my family.”
— Jessica


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“Thanks to Laura I’ve learned to maintain a diet of eating whole unprocessed foods that has enabled me to physically feel and perform my best at CrossFit, and have the energy to keep up with my busy lifestyle. I’ve learned that what I put into my body has such a huge impact on how I feel, and hope others can gain from this invaluable insight as well after working with Laura.”
— Ryan